Top Deputy District Attorneys Caught Union Busting in Emails Revealing Disparaging Comments and Racial Overtones

Attached to disparaging emails is a picture of an ape to represent the acronym A-PES.

Pam Booth, John Spillane and wannabe judge Julie-Dixon Silva were caught sending anti-union emails referring to Deputy District Attorneys as “A-PES” (Read emails here) Attached to the email string is a photo of an ape.  Anti union emails with disparaging racial overtones about Persians were found as part of discovery litigation.  Pam Booth is a District Attorney and Director for Bureau of Branch and Area Operations, Region II stationed downtown Los Angeles in the main courthouse.  John Spillane is a head deputy and previously named in the union busting federal law suit where the former Presidents of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys will hold Steve Cooley accountable for multiple acts in violating the United States Constitution.  Julie-Dixon Silva is County Counsel and legal advisor to Steve Cooley who recently submitted papers to be appointed judge by Governor Jerry Brown.  She was not appointed judge and for good reason. 

Booth, Spillane and Silva were included in emails sent back and forth discussing the renaming of performance evaluations for Deputy District Attorneys who had been previously rated outstanding.  These performance evaluations were called PERSA and were determined illegal by the Employee Relations Commission because the new system was unilaterally implemented by Steve Cooley after the union was formed.  The work place changes were neither bargained for nor agreed upon.  

John Spillane suggested, “My vote (with concurrence from Julie) is for A-PES. I like the fact that in the name and acronym, it is clear that this is an attorney PE system.”  He later stated, “Apes… as in planet of?  Okay we’ll go with it.”   Pam Booth stated, “Referring to our attorney staff as simians may be accurate but is not called for at all.” In another email Booth states, “At one point I wanted to go with Workplan Evaluating Employee’s Performance (WEEP) but didn’t think you all would go for that … Tom liked Peformance- Employee Workplan Evaluation (P-EWE) … Alicia liked Performance Evaluation Workplan (PEW), while this could cause some folks to think of church, it was far more likely that they would think of bodily functions.”  Booth goes on to use racial overtones saying, “I was thinking that I did not like the hyphen so very much and Tom agreed so we were going with PERSA (which is very close to Persia which is now Iran, a country that many people hate so we thought it appropriate).”

 The performance evaluation system was determined to be illegal by the Employee Relations Commission and an appeal hearing will be heard on July 27th in front of Judge Ann Jones.


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