The Association of Deputy District Attorney’s Wins Affiliation with AFSCME – Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo under fire for “union busting”

June 22, 2011
Association of Deputy District Attorneys affiliates with AFSCME
Association of Deputy District Attorneys affiliates with AFSCME

Winning a 5:1 vote – the Association of Deputy District Attorney’s is now affiliated with AFSCME.  The elected District Attorney Steve Cooley and second in charge Jacquelyn “Jackie” Lacey can’t be happy with the overwhelming result given that they have a federal law suit against them.   

California Lawyer Magazine reported Deputy District Attorney Rob Dver’s testimony is at the heart of the federal law suit.  Rob Dver testified that Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (Read Dver testimony).  Additionally, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo are both running for District Attorney in 2012.  They are part of the management team that is charged with “union busting” in civil court.  Elected DA Steve Cooley is backing Jackie Lacey’s candidacy.  Both she and Mario Trujillo have stated they will exit the race if Steve Cooley decides to jump back in the race at the last-minute. 

Steve Ipsen founded the Association of Deputy District Attorneys and was President of the ADDA for nearly a decade.  The ADDA will now proceed with an agency shop election.

Steve Ipsen will challenge Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo in the Los Angeles District Attorney 2012 election.  Steve Ipsen has been outspoken about the anti-union actions of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s management team.  The trial is set to begin in September.


California Lawyer Magazine reports Jackie Lacey, Mario Trujillo and Steve Cooley are under scrutiny for UNION BUSTING!

June 3, 2011
Mario Trujillo, Steve Cooley and Jacquelyn Lacey "Jackie" are scrutinized in the California Lawyer Magazine as the facts are reported as UNION BUSTING!

Mario Trujillo, Steve Cooley and Jacquelyn Lacey "Jackie" are scrutinized in the California Lawyer Magazine as the facts are reported as UNION BUSTING!

California Lawyer Magazine’s June article features Mario Trujillo, Steve Cooley and Jacquelyn “Jackie” Lacey.  The California Lawyer reports their involvement in anti union relations as managers in the District Attorney’s office.
Mario Trujillo – Running for District Attorney in 2012, Trujillo is is currently a Head Deputy at the Bellflower branch with only 15 years of experience.
Steve Cooley – He is Los Angeles’s elected District Attorney who ran against Kamala Harris for Attorney General and lost with an overwhelming majority in his own LA County territory.
Jacquelyn “Jackie” Lacey – Lacey is also running for District Attorney in 2012 and was  just promoted to #2 in the office by Steve Cooley.  She was recently endorsed by Steve Cooley who is a Republican.  Many believe this is a false endorsement to give Alan Jackson (Cooley’s real choice and the Republican party’s true choice) a chance at becoming elected.  Minutes after Cooley’s endorsement, Cooley’s good friend, the Republican Board of Supervisor Michael Antonovich endorsed Alan Jackson.  It is no secret that Cooley isn’t favored in LA County after his recent loss to Kamala Harris where an overwhelming majority of LA County voters supported Harris.  The obvious answer is that an endorsement from Steve Cooley may actually hurt Lacey. If she can’t raise money using Cooley’s name, he can use this excuse to re-enter the race at the last-minute to prevent a year-long attack for 11 years of overcrowded jails and a bloated prison system.

These three prosecutors will have some questions to answer when they take the witness stand in September and the Jones Day attorney’s will likely have to go through many practice rounds of cross examination to prevent further mishaps while under oath. 


  1.  The HONORABLE Judge Otis D. Wright imposed an unprecedented federal injunction to stop Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley for union busting activities that he called “striking and rampant”.   He stated, “Plaintiffs have established a high likelihood of irreparable harm. Defendants’ far-reaching actions have pushed the union to the brink and, as Plaintiffs point out, “ADDA’s ability to recruit new members, and retain current ones, has been severely strained by the pressures from Defendants’ harassment and intimidation.” (Mot. at 21.) Indeed, given the fear instilled by Defendants, and the union hesitancy and defections resulting therefrom, it is very likely that ADDA will not even exist by the time this action concludes.” He then goes on to say “IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Defendants, their officers, agents, servants, employees or persons in active concert with any of them, are restrained and enjoined from discriminating or retaliating against members of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys on the basis of their membership in ADDA. This Order includes, but is not limited to, a prohibition of punitive transfers, demotions, discriminatory distribution of benefits and discipline on the basis of membership in the ADDA. Defendants are also enjoined and restrained from utilizing rates for medical or health benefit plans that are based upon a deputy district attorney’s representation by ADDA.” (Read full order here)
  2.  An Employee Relations Hearing Officer Thomas Kerrigan heard three months of testimony and stated, “This case is almost anachronistic in its nature with undisguised acts so bold that they are almost without parallel in recently reported cases, continuing acts committed to destroy a labor union and damage the careers of senior deputies.” (Read the full Employee Relations Commission’s Hearing Officer’s order here)
  3. A full Employee Relations Commission Board did a third review of the evidence and found Steve Cooley’s anti-unionanimus to be “outrageous”.

Jones Day is being paid millions of dollars by the tax payers to defend Trujillo’s, Cooley’s and Lacey’s anti-union behavior that has stretched out for over two years.  The three times reviewed evidence has been repeatedly condemned and the Jones Day lawyer stated, “If you really delve into it at all, it’s clear that the transfers had nothing to do with the union or union activities,” says Brian Hershman, a partner at Jones Day hired by Cooley to defend him.

We will hear testimony in September.