Illegal Union Busting in the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office. Are Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo Union Busters?

April 2, 2011

We are here to get the word out to all union members and their leaders that Steve Cooley, and two candidates for the 2012 elected District Attorney election, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo, are being sued in federal court for Union Busting.  Cooley, Lacey and Trujillo are in the spotlight. 

Mario Trujillo, Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey are being sued in federal court for UNION BUSTING
Mario Trujillo, Steve Cooley, Jackie Lacey are being sued in federal court for UNION BUSTING

Just out yesterday May 23, 2011. In a Letter from Maria Elena Durzo stating that the AFL-CIO is NOT backing Jackey Lacey, the Executive Secretary-Treasurer and well respected Maria Elena Durazo writes to dispel the claims that Jackie Lacey is backed by any union and especially not the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO.  This claim was falsely reported by Rick Orlov of the Daily News.  It appears that Rick Orlov is using his blogger connetions to report false information that could help Jackey Lacey in the media and just in time for her announced fundraiser this Saturday.  Orlov printed no retraction to his article, but merely changed a few words in the false statement.

Letter from Maria Elena Durazo dispeling claims that AFL-CIO would endores Jackie Lacey who is involved in a federal lawsuit.

Letter from Maria Elena Durazo dispeling claims that AFL-CIO would endores Jackie Lacey who is involved in a federal lawsuit.

The letter written by Maria Elana Durazo was a quick response displaying the serious nature of false information provided by the Daily News.

Of the many candidates in the 2012 race for Los Angeles District Attorney, there are two candidates along with Steve Cooley, who have been ordered by federal judge Otis D. Wright, in an unprecedented federal injunction on March 2, 2010, to stop anti-union behavior.  They are being sued in federal court. 

Mario Trujillo is a candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney 2012 and part of the federal law suit.  He obtained the “union list” that finally reached management.  He has also stated that if his boss Steve Cooley enters the race he will back out.

Steve Cooley is the elected District Attorney of Los Angeles County and has admitted to anti-union behavior on the witness stand.

Jackie Lacey was recently promoted to #2 in the LA DAs office  by Steve Cooley.  She is endorsed by Cooley for the 2012 election.  She has also stated she will back out of the race if Steve Cooley decides last minute he will run again.  Lacey is now the second highest ranking management officer in the Los Angeles DAs office.  She is running to become your next Los Angeles District Attorney 2012. 

The three district attorney’s have allegedly deliberately tried to destroy the careers of accomplished and well respected deputy district attorneys. (read federal lawsuit here)

This website is to expose the outrageous union busting going on in the city of Los Angeles. A federal judge, an employee relations commission hearing officer and the full Employee Relations Board have found Cooley’s anti-union actions illegal, violating the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

1.  Federal Judge Otis D. Wright imposed an unprecedented federal injunction to stop Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley for union busting activities that he called “striking and rampant”.  Judge Wright stated, “Plaintiffs have established a high likelihood of irreparable harm. Defendants’ far-reaching actions have pushed the union to the brink and, as Plaintiffs point out, “ADDA’s ability to recruit new members, and retain current ones, has been severely strained by the pressures from Defendants’ harassment and intimidation.” (Mot. at 21.) Indeed, given the fear instilled by Defendants, and the union hesitancy and defections resulting therefrom, it is very likely that ADDA will not even exist by the time this action concludes.” He then goes on to say “IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Defendens, their officers, agents, servants, employees or persons in active concert with any of them, are restrained and enjoined from discriminating or retaliating against members of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys on the basis of their membership in ADDA. This Order includes, but is not limited to, a prohibition of punitive transfers, demotions, discriminatory distribution of benefits and discipline on the basis of membership in the ADDA. Defendants are also enjoined and restrained from utilizing rates for medical or health benefit plans that are based upon a deputy district attorney’s representation by ADDA.” (Read full order here)

2.  Employee relations officer Thomas Kerrigan heard three months of testimony and stated “This case is almost anachronistic in its nature with undisguised acts so bold that they are almost without parallel in recently reported cases, continuing acts committed to destroy a labor union and damage the careers of senior deputies.” (Read the full Employee Relations Commission’s Hearing Officer’s order here)

 3.  The full Employee Relations Commission Board did a third review of the evidence and found Steve Cooley’s anti-unionanimus to be “outrageous”.

The powerful condemnation of federal court Judge Otis D. Wright and the harsh words of the Employee Relations Commission  board and hearing officer are not a surprise when we review the testimony and evidence.

Defending Steve Cooley are the Jones Day attorneys in upwards  of millions of dollars at the taxpayers expense.  Several news papers including the LA Times, Californiawatch, The Daily News and the Metnews have covered the story.  Former Deputy District Attorney Matthew Monforton filed the whistle blower law suit in federal court on behalf of the prosecutors union.

Here we will tell the story from the beginning, so unions of LA county, the state of California and nation wide will see to what lengths an elected official like Steve Cooley will go to in order to prevent and erode a union that threatens his office.  The local and state unions have given Cooley money for his campaigns in the past and we are here to get the word out and prevent the union endorsements of LA’s largest union buster.